About Kladovo
Kladovo is a nice little town located in South-East Serbia, on the shore of Danube. The town is surrounded by beautiful hills, which are well known for their wine yards called “Negotinsko Vinogorje”. Moderate continental climate and a large number of sunny days are characteristic for the region.

There are two natural spring lakes in the very centre of Kladovo. Also, there is a marine, a modern indoor sports centre and several football fields. A special attraction is a 1km long city beach on the river Danube. In this area, the river is very populated with various fish species, giving Kladovo a remarkable potential for sport fishing.

Kladovo and its district have a very rich and long history. The town museum has valuable exponents from different times on show, while Fortress Fetislam is a historical monument dating back to Turkish occupation. Nearby is the National Park Djerdap as well as famous archeological sites: Lepenski Vir, Trian’s Tabula and the Remains of Trian’s Bridge.

How to get to Kladovo
There are 3 main routes that connect Kladovo with Serbia hinterland:
1 - from Belgrade (260 km), via Pozarevac and Donji Milanovac, downstream Danube - Djerdap highway;
2 - from Paracin (200 km), connection with highway Belgrade – Nis, via mountain saddle Cestobrodica, Zajecar & Negotin;
3 - from Nis, about (200 km), via other mountain saddle Tresibaba, Knjazevac, Zajecar and Negotin.

You can also arrive in Kladovo by water corridor 7. Kladovo is located in the area called "Kljuc" on the far south-east of our country and it's the last spot on the East, toward Bulgaria and Romania. The town’s population is 10000, while the population of the Kladovo municipality with surrounding settlements is around 30000 spreading over about 63ha.

Sports hall
Kladovo has excellent facilities for preparation and training of world class and amateur athletes. There are various football stadiums, a number of basketball, handball, volleyball and futsal courts.
Indoor Sports Centre "Jezero"
One of the state of the art sports centers in our country “Jezero” is located in the vicinity of the hotel. It has been constructed by world’s highest standards: total space 5660m2, with 1600m2 usable space for sports (elastic parquet), and equipment for many sports. The centre has a capacity of 2000 seats, it’s air-conditioned, has a press room with 25 seats, 4 change rooms with showers, 2 change rooms for referees with bathrooms and ambulance. A trim cabinet, gym and bowling alley complete this magnificent picture.
Small hall
A smaller indoor centre is located near “Jezero” and is convenient for athletes training on parquet, basketball and volleyball games. The centre is equipped with 300 seats on telescopic stands.


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  • Hotel Aquastar Danube
  • Kladovo
  • Town in South-East Serbia, on the shore of the Danube
  • A large number of sunny days
  • 2 natural spring lakes, marina and city beach
  • A lot of cultural and historical monuments
  • The famous wines from Negotin vineyards
  • Excellent conditions for sportmen preparations