Kladovo – Archeological Museum – Roman Diana – HP Djerdap – Traian’s Bridge – Kladovo
                                                 (duration 3,5h - price 15€ per person)

Visiting Djerdap’s Archaeological museum in Kladovo, whose exhibition covers remnants of different Danube cultures from prehistoric, Roman and medieval periods. Next is Roman fortress Diana, and after Hidroplant Djerdap, built in 1974.y as the biggest project of the year in Europe. It significantly changed the position of the Danube River, the local villages as well as cultural and historical monuments that are located nearby. Next stop is a visit to the remains of Trajan’s bridge. The bridge was built at the beginning of the 2nd century, by the Roman Emperor Trajan in order to cross the Danube and conquer Dacian tribes. Up until the 12th century, the bridge was considered to be the largest in the world.  We end this excursion with wine tasting with snack in hotel Aquastar Danube.

  • Archaeological Museum of the Djerdap

    in Kladovo has over 1,500 exhibits.

  • Archaeological Museum of the Djerdap

    remnants of different Danube cultures

  • Diana Fortress

    in Karatas was built in the late 1st century

  • HPP Djerdap

    was built in 1970.

  • Museum of HPP Djerdap

    In a HPP Djerdap tour We will visit this museum too.

  • Trajan's bridge

    the remains of the largest ancient bridge